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Starlie's Legacy


One tragic evening the actions of a courageous teenage girl saved the lives of many yet tormented her for the rest of her life. Starlie’s Legacy is a collection of short stories following the trials and triumphs of her life and her family, whose own stories are interwoven.

You will enjoy this book if you want to laugh and cry for this book stirs all human emotions. This book is about crime and drama, love and survival, all based on true events.

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Excellent plot line! I was completely enthralled by every word.

Victoria Henry, Americus, Ga,. USA


I'm hooked. Great story, now I can't wait for the sequel.

Joseph Foosh, Jackson, MS

UnLucky Double


The adventures of Lucky Luciano's double. Sicilian immigrant Giovani Cado rises in the ranks of the New Orleans Mafia's bootlegging operation which leads to Al Capone recognizing his uncanny resemblance to the infamous Charlie "Lucky" Luciano. The New York Family finds uses for Lucky's double, until Cado finds an opportunity to make off with mob money. While on the run he finds himself in German-occupied France and forced to collaborate with the Nazis. Cado finds himself and his wife the enemy of the world in a sea of evil. Along the way he falls victim of Nazi freezing experiments. His adventures span the globe and time.  

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UnLucky Double
Originally published as a two-part series, you can now purchase UnLucky Double with Part 1 and Part 2 consolidated as a paperback. 

Watch the UnLucky Double Book Trailer

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